Starlight, Oh Starlight

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Where Have You Gone

Where have you gone?
I can no longer see the man I feel in love with.
Gone so long, and only came back once to fool me.
Where have you gone?
Has she taken away that light?
The light I once had seen reflected in those eyes.
Where have you gone?
Your beautiful voice cracks and fades.
I can no longer hear you.
Where have you gone? 
Once so full of life and everywhere you can be.
No one sees you anymore.
Where have you gone?
We miss you. 
I miss you.
Where have you gone?

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Always in my thoughts
Though you’re never around
Maybe I’m holding on to them
Maybe they’re pulling me down

Goddamn sky.

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Finals Week

Exams and papers
All final.
A judge of knowledge
The end draws
Vacation plans.
Creative writing
Can’t process thoughts!?!
Cram night

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